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In a world where job market is getting more and more competitive, gaining an international qualification from an Institution based abroad will add extra value to your CV and will make you more attractive in front of potential employers. 

Study abroad will also allow you to learn a new language while experiencing a different culture and a different lifestyle.  You will understand how to overcome the most common challenges people who live in another country do face on a daily basis and you will develop resilience and other transferable skills which are more and more requested by modern businesses when hiring. 

Graduation Ceremony

Your options to study abroad with us


Foundation Year




Master & PhD 


 Scales of Justice

Either if you are a qualified lawyer in your own country or a recent graduate who is looking to kick off a career as international lawyer, at Mission Study Abroad we partner with the best Law Schools in the Uk and USA and we will support you to chose the best programme in order to achieve your goals. 

If you are considering to qualify as solicitor in England and Wales or as an attorney in the USA, Mission Study Abroad will help you to chose the best SQE exams as well as US Bar preparation courses. 



Several Institutions offer the opportunity to study entirely online whenever you want and wherever you want by giving you the opportunity to gain an International qualification from the comfort of your own place. 

Either if you want to start a Bachelor, Master or a legal professional training course, at Mission Study Abroad we will explore together all the possible options available at our partner Institutions so you can chose the more convenient for you. 

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