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At Mission Study Abroad we offer tailored and bespoke services for all our students. Either if you want to get some advice about the most suitable Institution for you based on your background and grades, or you need support with the admissions process to start studying abroad, or you are a legal professional looking for qualifying abroad, we have the right option for you and we will assist you throughout the whole process. 


Orientamento universitario

Based on your background, work and volunteering experience as well as your key interests we will work together to spot all the most suitable Institutions for you, which will help you to fulfil your career dreams and goals. 


Application Process

From writing a strong CV and personal statement, as well as providing the admissions office with reference letters and futher documents, we will assist you with the whole application process to your chosen Universities.

Judge Gavel

Legal professional training

If you are a law student or a qualified lawyer in your own country who is interested in pursuing a legal career abroad, we will put you in contact with the top Law Schools in the world to get the best preparation to sit the relevant Bar exams.

College Campus

English Exams Preparation

We offer support to get prepared for the most common English exams Universities abroad do request, such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

Job interview

Career Advice

At Mission Study Abroad we partner with several Career Advisors who will offer you assistance in finding the most suitable job for you once graduated or completed your course studies. 

Cosa dicono i nostri clienti

Stack of Books

Alessio, Italy 

"Mission Study Abroad has offered me excellent support and without their help I wouldn't be able to join University and start one of the most valuable experience of my life. I can only thank them for their professionalism and constant help!"
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